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  Thank-you for visiting Iron Horse Preservation Society (IHPS). We are a not-for-profit educational and historical organization founded for the preservation and rehabilitation of our railroad heritage.


  The primary objective of our organization is to convert abandoned Railroad tracks into usable recreational trails for communities around the nation at no cost.

  Community donation of Railroad track to our operations generates the funding necessary to develop rail to trail projects.


  IHPS helps preserve historic railroads by acquiring railroad track materials, cars, and locomotives and supplying them at no cost to historic railroads. 

Track Removal and Rail-Trail Construction

  We are ready and willing to work with all government and private entities in an effort to remove antiquated railroad track for a clean and usable recreational trail an entire community can enjoy and be proud of without bearing a burden of cost.

All projects are performed in a fast, efficient and professional manner.  The rail corridor is kept clean and safe during the removal process.  

Let us help you find a solution to that abandoned railroad in your area, and make your community more safe and a lot more fun.

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Jim Hattrup
Iron Horse Preservation Society, Inc.

Grand Opening of the
Crocker Park Recreational Trail
Brisbane, CA December 9, 2006
Pictured, left to right:
Jim Hattrup, Co-Founder

Steve Waldo, Mayor, City of Brisbane
Jim Skeels, Director of Parks 
Recreation, City of Brisbane
Joe Hattrup, IHPS COO

  A beautiful trail, every time...

Updated July 19,2010

Iron Horse Preservation's latest project 
Danvers, Massachusetts
 received it's logo, and we proudly display it.

Proud Employer
United States Veterans

Virginia & Truckee Railroad

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