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Historic Railways

Iron Horse Preservations Society searches for opportunities to help, support, and expand historic railways throughout the country.  IHPS helps provide track materials, passenger cars, locomotives, and maintenance of track and equipment.  We work closely with the Virginia & Truckee, Sierra Northern, and other historic railroads.

Involvement with the V&T

Over the years Iron Horse has provided thousands of labor hours and equipment to assist the Virginia & Truckee Railroad.  While our organization does all it can to support the V&T, it is the involvement of the surrounding community and the patronage of tourists that make the Queen of the Short lines a reality.


Iron horse is in the process of supplying a fully functional locomotive for the V&T.  The locomotive the V&T will receive is pictured below.  It's primary role will serve as a backup for the 80 Ton GE locomotive the railroad currently uses.  

It is also Iron Horses's mission to supply parts to keep these rolling pieces of history operational. 


Public Benefit

All of us at IHPS find it very rewarding to be able to support our historic railways which deliver a valuable educational and entertaining experience to the public.



The Exterior view of the fully restored V&T rail cars.

The interior view of the restored passenger cars.  The seats above use the original seat materials, and all windows have been modernized and allow passengers to operate the glass up and down.  Photographs of the railroad and surrounding areas from the late eighteen and early nineteen hundreds give passengers a glimpse into the past.

One of the few railroads still operating a steam locomotive.  Steam offers passengers an authentic sound and feel of turn of the century railroading and raw unbridled power that diesel cannot deliver.

Pictured above is a passenger car in the midst of restoration.  Workers are diligently removing paint and in the process of recreating proper period stainless glass.

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