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Rockland, MA 
                Updated April 30, 2012 

The Trail through Rockland has proven to be a great example of how well a rail trail can turn out.  

Haverhill, MA
                    Updated April 30, 2012 

Photographed above is the ground breaking ceremony in Haverhill, Mass.  Present in these photo's was the President of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Mayor of Haverhill, MA with part of the Iron Horse Team.

Methuen, MA
                Updated April 30, 2012

The Methuen project is still in progress.  Above is a demonstration of how a trail in progress is kept clean of debris.

A bridge in Methuen, currently under construction with an emphasis on structural integrity and being aesthetically pleasing.


Saugus, MA  
Updated October 22, 2012     

The trail seen above is being constructed with Recycled Asphalt.  This is beneficial due the materials permeability, economical price, and ADA compliance.  It also encapsulates the railroad material residue located in the corridor with a suitable cover. 

Wenham, MA  
Updated April 30, 2012     

The trail in Wenham has come a long away, as shown above the gravel path has been nicely compacted.  

Danvers, MA 

Updated April 26, 2012    

Pictured above is a completed bridge on the Danvers Rail Trail.  It took a few months to deliver the product this community wanted, but it is finally here.

Everett, MA 
                Updated April 30, 2012 

This portion of the Trail through Everett runs through a residential area, which allows the locals to have easy access to recreational activities.

Haverhill, MA 
                Updated April 30, 2012 

The Trail through Haverhill offers great scenery and a safe environment to enjoy the outdoors.

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